Engineering for Regeneration in the Water Industry

Event finished! Watch the webinar recording

Event finished! Watch the event recording using the form

Event: Engineering for Regeneration

Date: Tuesday, 20 April 2020 @ 10am AEST
          8am AWST  |  12pm NZST  | 
          Mon, 19 April 5pm PDT  |  8pm EDT

So far in the 21st Century, the discourse about what we build has been largely around sustainability, but what if we can go beyond that and develop cities and communities in a way that breathes life into them? 

In our upcoming webinar, we are exploring the concept of regenerative design. It’s a different perspective that is set to re-imagine the future role of the water industry to shift beyond sustainability.

Our panelists will be demystifying Regenerative Design, why it's critical for the future of water, and what we can learn from other sectors. Together we'll explore this transformative approach that is set to radically change how we plan, design and build for future generations. 

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Starting the conversation with our panelists and hosts

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Ben Preston - Independent Creative Consultant and Project Director, Motif

As an engineering technologist and regenerative practitioner, Ben supports revitalisation of the life-giving patterning in social, environmental and economic systems in business and place-based design. This involves placing living, ecological processes of environments and cultures at the core of project team operations, engaging new forms of collaboration, procurement and design that are inclusive and holistic, and re-integrating individuals and groups in the re-patterning processes of their surroundings.

Amanda Sturgeon, FAIA - Head of Regenerative Design Strategy, Mott Macdonald

Amanda has spent a decade creating regenerative frameworks such as the Living Building and Community Challenge programs, scaled the organisation globally and created a global movement around Biophilic Design. Amanda is the former CEO of the International Living Future Institute, an award-winning architect, author of Creating Biophilic Buildings, a TED Speaker on Bringing Biophilic Design to Life and has an essay in the recently released anthology All We Can Save: Truth, Courage and Solutions to Climate Change (Sep 2020).

Elliot Stuart - Liveable Communities Advisor, WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia)

Elliot has over 10 years’ experience in the water industry, including at the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning with a lead role in the nation-leading Integrated Water Management (IWM) Framework for Victoria. Elliot led WSAA's portfolios in Adaptive Planning & IWM, Water Security, and Climate Change, Energy & Environment. He led WSAAs work on the the Integrated Water Management: Principles and Best Practice for Water Utilities – a national framework to guide water utility participation and leadership in IWM planning and projects, which includes elements of Regenerative Design.

Lindsey Brown - Water Market Leader, Victoria, GHD

With over 15 years' background in environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility and public policy development in the water industry, Lindsey is passionate about sustainability and win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.

Dr Robbert van Oorschot - Senior Technical Director, Water, GHD

Dr Robbert van Oorschot is one of GHD’s leaders in Wastewater Treatment and Recycling. He served on GHD’s Technical Services Advisory Committee and Innovation Advisory Committee. He is experienced in wastewater treatment, BNR, sludge handling and management, odour control and water recycling. He has written and presented more than 60 papers in the areas described above.

Something powerful happens when we talk

By bringing the conversation in one room we hope to surface insights, strategies and lessons learnt for everyone tackling a common goal of making water sustainable for generations to come.

Join us online and connect with change makers in this space.

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